October 29, 2020

Mentorship Program

Having a mentor is important. Mentors help understand many basic aspects in a certain field. App Club brings you Mentorship Program which has a simple objective of guiding and helping in the field of Information Technology. The mentorship program is determined to help students, developers and learners to gain a mentor in the following field:

PlatformTechnologyDuration (Expected)
Graphic DesigningAdobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator3 months
Mobile App DevelopmentAndroid3 months
Web DevelopmentDjango3 months
ProgrammingJava, Kotlin, Python3 months

The Journey

Every weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), virtual classes of 3 hours will take place which are distributed into the following:

  1. The first hour will be boring, it will be theory. Yes! The theory is boring and important because it will help in understanding the basics and developing a strong foundation for a platform.
  2. The second hour will be about practical. We will drill down into real-life projects and build our own projects to showcase them to the world.
  3. The third hour will include questions, assignments and tasks to complete within the week.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. A student has to be willing to go through the whole program.
  2. A student can enrol in a single program at a time.
  3. Only a batch of 2 Male and 2 Females will be mentored in the beginning.
  4. Students will require to go through assignments and projects to prove themselves.
  5. Being lazy, careless, abusive or ill-mannered will result in a permanent ban from the program.
  6. This mentorship program will be and always stay free.

Application for the Mentorship Program